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Custom Adjustments

Tune up your hydrofoil according to your needs. The adjustable fuselage allows you to give your device the desired personality.

Dynamic and stable

Our foils, in all versions, are designed to be a perfect balance between sportiness, agility and stability.

Removable rear fins

Use your hydrofoil with the rear fin on for added stability: Remove it for a freestyle mode!

For every wind or water condition

Our multiple combinaison foil sets allow allow you to take off in a wide range of speeds. Go from an ultra-low-speed flight to a speeding ride at over 50km/h in less than two minutes! Your perfect foil for wing foil, kite foil, wind foil, surf foil, SUP foil, stand up paddle foil, wake foil, NAME IT!

From our customers

After searching for an affordable hydro foil option (hard to find), I came across this one. Catherine was extremely helpful with helping me choose a good option that suits my needs (mounting to an old wakeboard).

There are probably more expensive, but for the money and ease of set up, this did the trick. I am 38 years old and it allowed me to get into a new hobby.


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