2023's Ultimate Hydrofoil Guide: Learn everything about foils

The world of hydrofoil can sometimes seem complex. Don't worry, Crazy Foil is here to provide you with all the information you need!

What is a Hydrofoil

Admit that seeing someone hovering on a board floating above the water may sound like science fiction. However, the principle behind the hydrofoil is relatively simple! And, while that's super cool, there are very relevant and rational reasons for using the hydrofoil. Learn more about many topics related to the world of hydrofoil, right here!

Why we use a hydrofoil

The main reason is sincerely because it's completely awesome! In addition to the latter, there are good reasons reasons for using a hydrofoil. One of it's reason is speed! Indeed, for some users eager for thrills or victories, the hydrofoil is a way to go faster than with a traditional board. The explanation is very simple: the surfboard or wakeboard without a hydrofoil "drags" in the water and creates friction, which reduces speed. Thanks to its aerodynamics and its smaller contact surface with the water, the hydrofoil can go very fast without creating too much resistance in the water. Some riders have even recorded speeds of over 60 km/h! Another very good reason to fix a hydrofoil is to avoid the waves! Imagine riding at full speed for several minutes on a board through high and short waves. No doubt there is no need to draw a picture to convince you that it is very uncomfortable! However, several wakeboard sports are practiced using the wind. Let's think of the kite, the wing or the panche à voile, which have no choice but to go out in rough conditions. So when we attach a hydrofoil to our board, it's possible to literally ride over those waves, which otherwise strain our knees and legs. You can then have fun more comfortably and for longer! Finally, there are still all sorts of good reasons to foil, but it only takes one try to convince yourself that pleasure is the best argument!

What board should I use the hydrofoil with?

Almost any! Of course, all foil boards with a "track system" can receive a Crazy Foil. And it does not stop there! As long as your board is stiff enough, you can attach our adapter to it, which will transform any old wakeboard board into a crazy new foil board! It's a way to give a second life and a little spice to your board lying around in the shed!