Warnings and Precautions

Despite all the fun you'll have, make sure you don't lose sight of the safety tips! In order to get back to the shore in one piece, read this carefully.

Use of a hydrofoil involves inherent risks of injury or death. It is highly recommended to take lessons with certifie professionals before any use and to wear a helmet and an appropriate life jacket all the time. This product should not be used by small children. This product should be used only by experienced riders. Riders must read and follow the Warnings and the right Assembly Guide to assemble and use the hydrofoil properly. Riders should always use boards with proper boots and bindings/straps maintaining feet firmly to the board. The barefoot practice increases significantly the risks of injury or death. Reserved to very experienced foil riders. Use of a leash is highly recommended in order not to injure or kill someone else. Never ride alone, always be accompanied by a person able to call emergencies in case of incident. Use with surveillance; keep control at an appropriate speed for your ability level. The faster you ride, the greater the risk. Know that dock starts or use of man-made feature increases risks. Do not use in shallow waters or near shore, seaweeds, docks, pilings, swimmers, other watercrafts or any other obstacle. Use only on water with a qualified watercraft driver and observer. Always wear a properly fitted life jacket (PFD) approved by your country’s agency USCG Type III, ISO, etc. By purchasing a Crazy Foil product, you assume all responsibility for its use and any resulting injury or death to you and/or others. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.