Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions for the Crazy Foil?

Crazy Foil Instructions


Click here to download the official Crazy Foil Instructions.

Is the Crazy Foil fragile?

No. The design is robust. Several people have tested it for two years to identify and address weaknesses in all kinds of conditions.

Does the Crazy Foil float in the water?

When attached to a wake board, it floats. The Crazy Foil hydrofoil alone does not float.

Can we ever lose the Crazy Foil if it sinks to the bottom of the water?

If there is a large enough impact, it is possible. If a part of the Crazy Foil breaks  off, it will sink. This is one of the main reasons why we tested the product for over two years. The various conditions allowed us to fine tune the strength of each component to give them optimal durability. Crazy Foil does not break easily!

What kind of boat do you need?

A wide range of boats are suitable for use with the Crazy Foil. In fact, any boat that can move over 16 km/h (10 mph) should work. We tested it with 9.9 HP aluminum boat and achieved excellent results!

Can we do jumps and acrobatics with the Crazy Foil?

So far, very few acrobatic trials have been conducted. We have managed to pull off some jumps! If you’re interested, we can collaborate with users to develop a specialized model for performing jumps. Contact us here!

Are there spare parts available?

Yes parts are available! It will be possible to purchase individual components separately.

Is a training session needed to learn how to fly Crazy Foil?

Using the Crazy Foil is relatively easy and can be learned with minimal instructions! Learning speeds depend on a person’s individual skill level. People who have never wakeboarded before have been able to learn in minutes. Others with experience required two or three sessions to get up and going. Most people manage to fly in less than 30 minutes of practice.

Do I need a special type of board to install the Crazy Foil?

No, any board is OK. In fact, one of the advantages of Crazy Foil is the possibility to reuse your old board! The product includes installation on track system 90 mm wide or on a board of 25 mm thick. for thicker board, replace bolt that goes thru the board by longer M8 bolt in stainless (not included).

Is it difficult to install Crazy Foil on my board?

No, simply drill a few holes and tighten a few screws! The Crazy Foil Kit contains the instructions, the drill, the screws and an Allen key.

Why is the Crazy Foil attached at the back of the board?

For more success when landing back on the water, it is best to push the fixture completely to the back of the board. Additional screws are provided to allow the change.

After installing Crazy Foil on my board, can I convert it back to wakeboarding?

Yes you can. You can easily convert your board back by simply removing the Crazy Foil fasteners and replacing the fixtures in their original position.

Will a wakeboard come packaged with the Crazy Foil?

Not at this time. There are many different models to suit all preferences and budgets on the market to accommodate individual users.

What is the difference between regular wakeboarding and using the Crazy Foil?

With the Crazy Foil, you can fly! It is a question of feeling and sensation… it’s like flying instead of floating. Wakeboard users often have to readjust their style when they use the Crazy Foil to maintain a more horizontal board position. We do not feel the waves or wake with Crazy Foil, it flies over them! There is less effort by the user because Crazy Foil offers very little resistance with the water. You really have to experience it to believe it!

Is there a user weight limit for the Crazy Foil?

Most users until now have had a weight between 55 and 90 kg (120-200 lbs). Although no testing has been done with people weighting more than 90 kg (200 lbs), there are no anticipated problems. Lift graphs show that Crazy Foil can withstand much greater weight. People with more weight will have a bigger foil angle of attack, a slightly larger takeoff speed and a little more tension in the rope!

Is it possible to get hurt on the Crazy Foil?

Like all board sports, you can get hurt. This is part of risk inherent to the sport that must be accepted by the user. As per our experience to date Crazy foil does not introduce any more risk than any other board sport. This is largely due to the low operating speed, typically between 20 and 30 km/h (12 and 20 mph).

Can I use other things than a wakeboard with the Crazy Foil?

Yes. In fact with the ability to go low speed (7 mph – 11 Km/h), Crazy Foil can be installed on a wide range of boards including paddle board surf, wake surf and more… only your imagination will limit you!

What is the difference between existing hydrofoils and the Crazy Foil?

  • Patented design that forgive mistakes making it the easiest Hydrofoil to learn on the market
  • Versatile board attachment
  • Take off a speed as low as 7MPH – 11 KPH
  • Modular design… more hydrofoils in the box and more adjustments!
  • Up to 16 different configurations with multiple adjustment features

What is the return policy ?

In the case you received the product and you are not satisfied, you can return it at your own charge in its original packaging if the product is not damaged including no scratches on any parts within 90 days following the receipt of your Crazy Foil.