About The Crazy Foil

Patented design that forgive mistakes making it the easiest Hydrofoil to learn on the market

Crazy Foil is designed to facilitate the operation regardless of your skill level. This amazing behavior is produced by a patented design unique in the world, making the use of Crazy Foil easier and more enjoyable than any other hydrofoils. Less experienced users can prolong the pleasure of flying over the water even though the course is strewed with small mistakes!

Modular design… more hydrofoils in the box!


No matter what you like to do, you can configure your Crazy Foil for your needs. Up to 16 different configurations that cover all you want from your Hydrofoil. It is not all; Crazy Foil R&D department is currently working on add on generating future options keeping your Crazy Foil the world most versatile Hydrofoil.

Adjusting dimensions to accommodate your needs.

Now the Crazy Foil has different adjustable parameters to improve comfort or change behavior.

  • Different mast length for shallow water, choppy water or higher speed
  • Fuselage track system for perfect boarders comfort adjustment.
  • Fuselage track system for responsiveness from stable to highly agile
  • Different Foils for different speed range and agility.

Versatile board attachment

Crazy Foil can be attached to almost any board with is sandwich plate adaptor. Supplied bolts cover installations to 1“-25 mm thickness board. Replace bolts to adapt thicker board. The Crazy Foil board adapter is also compatible with 90 mm Board track system.

The extra low speed takes off makes Crazy foil the perfect Hydrofoil for wake surf or paddle board surfing.

Hi-tech material when needed.

Many years of innovation have conducted to the best material selection from specialized aluminum to composite material to offer a resistant light weight affordable hydrofoil.

Crazy foil is offering the best value on the market

Crazy foil 2017 is offering 3 different kit. The EX-001, EX-002, EX-003 packages start at a price of $385 USD. No other Hydrofoil Can beat Crazy foil on price and versatility. Crazy foil is simply the best offer ever.

Get ready for a new sensation!

Crazy Foil is the most amazing way to fly over water with his innovative hydrofoil. Accessible to all watersports fans, Crazy Foil is easy to install on existing board to get your favorite activities to the next level. It is his amazing how versatile crazy foil is you can use it for Kite, wake, wake surf, surf, paddle board surf and more…

Features that makes Crazy Foil so unique:

  • Patented design that forgive mistakes making it the easiest Hydrofoil to learn on the market
  • Versatile board attachment
  • Take off a speed as low as 7MPH – 11 KPH
  • Modular design… more hydrofoils in the box and more adjustments!
    • Up to 16 different configurations with multiple adjustment feature